Supported Living/Housing support services

Our housing support services help people to live as independently as possible in the community, in a wide range of supported housing. We provide comprehensive 24 hour a day support provision to allow individuals to retain independence and autonomy within their own home.

Our aim is to support you to choose where you want to live, who with, what happens in your own home and how you want to be supported or cared for.

We provide supported living that helps people but a wide range of people with particular needs can receive housing support services:

  • people with a chronic illness
  • people with a physical impairment or learning disability
  • people with drug and alcohol-related problems
  • others who need support, like women escaping domestic violence, homeless people, refugees and ex-offenders
  • Spectrum related conditions
  • any other ongoing support need

Our housing support services include provision of the following support:

  • to claim welfare benefits
  • to fill in forms
  • to manage a household budget
  • to keep safe and secure
  • from other specialist services to obtain furniture and furnishings, and help with shopping and housework

The type of support provided aims to meet the specific needs of the individual.